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Installation of scuplture

Artist Carolyn Cox installs her sculpture in the Hanes Art Gallery. "'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky" will be on display along with scupltures by other artists as part of the "Optical Allusions" exhibition in the Scales Fine Art Center. The exhibition runs from Oct. 25-Dec. 9, 2007.

The Wall Opens

"Optical Allusions"--Disturbing light and space

"I've said, I think, that when I was in one world--the region behind the flowery wall of my living-room--the ordinary logical time-dominated world of everyday did not exist; that when I was in my "ordinary" life I forgot, and sometimes for days at a time, that the wall could open, has opened, would open again, and then I would simply move through into that other space."

-- Doris Lessing

In The Memoirs of a Survivor, writer Doris Lessing introduces her readers to a woman, the narrator of the novel, who discovers an alternate world behind a wall in her living room. It is a world of masterful illusion--a blend of the known (flashes of day-to-day existence) and the unknown (dissolving forms, evolving vistas, and perceptual puzzles)--that gradually compels the narrator to venture further and further inside. It is a world not unlike that presented in "Optical Allusions," an exhibition that includes installations and sculpture by Caroline Cox, Richard Klein, Eung Ho Park and Ted Victoria, four artists who create compelling and evocative art that references optics: the nature and properties of light and vision.

View: "Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky" by Caroline Cox »

A special feature of Wake Forest Magazine.


Descriptions and critiques by Judith Page.


View Sculptures

'Scuse Me While I Kiss...
Two Trains (for D.F.)
I'm Looking At You
Is Anyone Home


Sophomore Elliot Engstrom reviews the exhibition.


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