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"Two Trains (for D.F.)," 2007, used eyeglasses, brass, oil paint, 9" x 25.75" x 19".

"Two Trains (for D.F.)"

by Richard Klein

Lenses, of another sort, and light are also integral to the art of Richard Klein. Meticulously constructed from used eyeglasses, and soldered brass and steel, Klein's sculptures have a purity of purpose and elegance of form that belie their humble materials. The plastic lenses that Klein uses are primarily from reading glasses and selected for their refractive properties: the ability to channel light through the lens that results in "a thousand little flashes...all impermanent." Klein reinforces the optical allusion through the format of a diptych, a reference to binocular vision.

"Heaven", (another Klein sculpture on display in the exhibition) for example, is composed of two cantilevered rectangles, constructed from reading glasses and wine glasses, reminiscent of a wine rack hovering over a bar. Whirling "brilliant fragments" of light projected through the lenses to the wall behind adds to the giddy atmosphere. The viewers (or bar patrons) seem to be cast as supplicants as they seek the paradise above their heads. Meanwhile a higher presence, the source of visible light, considers their entreaties, producing an eye through eye exchange that is both venal and sublime.

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Descriptions and critiques by Judith Page.


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About the Artist
Richard Klein is the exhibitions director at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT. He is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York and is represented by Caren Golden Fine Art.

Klein's "Heaven" is on view along with "Two Trains (for D.F.)" in the Hanes Gallery.


Sophomore Elliot Engstrom reviews the exhibition.


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